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Every morning

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Let’s all take a moment to remember how absolutely terrifying this children’s movie was.

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Clint Eastwood, Unforgiven (1992)

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Eyebrow game on point.

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Ugh. Perf.


Ugh. Perf.

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Jack Nicholson knows what’s up
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Every one of us stood alone, and the sooner a man realized that all the better for him. It mattered little if one was mute; people did not understand one another anyway. They collided with or charmed one another, hugged or trampled one another, but everyone knew only himself. […] Like the mountain peaks around us, we looked at one another, separated by valleys, too high to stay unnoticed, too low to touch the heavens.
— Jerzy Kosinski - The Painted Bird (via crazyforcatscomicsandchubbygirls)
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Autopsy of Legendary Artist


Autopsy of Legendary Artist

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